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Pharmacy Retail Software


Introducing Candela Pharmacy Retail Software

Designed to meet the needs of pharmacies of all sizes, from small local shops to large retail chains, Candela streamlines pharmacy management while ensuring compliance with regulatory and industry standards.

Effortless Pharmacy Retail Management

In addition to the features outlined in the Candela Feature Gallery, Candela Pharmacy Retail Software offers a range of specialized pharmacy-specific functionalities:

Extensive Database of Over 17,000 Medicines

Pharmacies must manage vast databases of medicines. Candela for pharmacies includes a comprehensive medicine database containing generic names, medicine groups, manufacturer details, controlled drug information, and more. This saves considerable time typically spent on data entry.

Home Delivery Module

With Candela, pharmacies have the option to provide prescription medication delivery directly to customers' homes. The home delivery module oversees the entire process, including order handling, route planning, medication delivery, proof of delivery, and managing product returns.

Missed Sales Recording

Candela assists in recording missed sales, which may happen when certain medicines or brands are out of stock or were never stocked initially. Pharmacies can document all missed sales and create restocking requests for high-demand medicines. These requests are generated by pharmacy outlets and managed centrally at the head office.

Pharmacy Retail POS and Inventory Management Software

Pharmacy retail operations need to handle complex scenarios such as managing generic names, expiry dates, controlled substances, and tracking stock in various pack sizes and units. Candela Pharmacy Retail Software simplifies all aspects of retail operations.