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Candela Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Solution

Your Business Health Indicator

Business intelligence software corrals all real-time actionable insights to analyze past and present data of your business. Visualize data with powerful graphics, create customize dashboards with easy to use drag-and-drop interface, and make data-driven decisions.

Candela Business Intelligence

Default BI Management Dashboard.

Drill- Down Functionality

Data Filters

Data Visualization

Dashboard Customization

Export reports

Business Intelligence Dashboard

Monitor Your Business’s Vital Signs

When logging into your Business Intelligence account, the BI dashboard will present to you various types of information including store performance, sales performance, profitability analysis, and detailed insights into promotions, discounts, and shrinkage.

The dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of your business’s performance, showing its postion against the key performance indicators.

Regular, immediate, and easy access to this information can guide your decision-making process effectively.

For deeper insights, detailed reports are also available for further analysis.