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Chain Store Feature

Comprehensive Multi-Location POS and Inventory Management Solution

Simplifying retail operations for multi-location retailers

Streamlined Sales and Inventory Data Accessible at Headquarters

All retail outlets are interconnected with the main office through the internet, ensuring regular data synchronization to provide necessary information. Integrated analytics offer insights into stock and sales performance across different outlets.

Efficient Stock Transfer Between Warehouses and Retail Stores

Candela’s Stock Transfer function facilitates three types of stock transfers: from one dispatch unit to one receiving unit, from one dispatch unit to multiple receiving units, and from multiple dispatch units to one receiving unit.

Automatic Adjustment of Re-Order Levels Based on Sales Patterns

Multi-chain stores have the option to adjust stock transfers based on sales performances across different outlets. Analyzing sales reports enables informed decisions on stock transfers, allowing for strategic management of inventory levels.

Automated Report and Email Scheduling

Pre-configured schedules for sending reports or emails to selected users at regular intervals streamline communication and reporting processes.

Automated and Pre-Scheduled Data Transfer

Configurable automatic data transfer between shops and the head office ensures timely synchronization according to predefined schedules.

Centralized Messaging System between the Head Office and Outlets

Effective communication between the main office and outlets is facilitated through Candela’s messaging system, ensuring important messages are received and acknowledged promptly.

Cross-Shop Product Availability Monitoring

Salespersons can check the availability of items at other outlets, allowing for efficient customer service by directing them to outlets where desired items are in stock.

Centralized Pricing and Promotions Management

Candela enables centralized management of pricing and promotional strategies tailored to each outlet’s location and customer demographics, ensuring effective retail operations and customer engagement.

Customized Product Pricing for Each Outlet

Multi-chain stores can adjust product prices based on store locations, allowing for targeted pricing strategies to attract specific customer segments.

Initiation of Stock Transfer Requests by Outlets or Warehouses

Retail outlets can request stock transfers for items they need, which are then managed centrally by the head office through data transfer, ensuring efficient inventory distribution.

Assignment of Selected Product Lines to Different User Groups

The head office can optimize retail operations by assigning specific shops, groups of shops, or product lines to user groups, streamlining monitoring and management tasks.

Selective Availability of Product Lines at Designated Outlets

Users can effectively manage multiple brands under one license by showcasing selected product lines at specific outlets, allowing for tailored product offerings to meet diverse customer preferences.