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Integration with Shopify

E-Commerce versus Physical Stores: The Dilemma of Selling!

The solution is: You can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Utilize Nimbus retail software for in-store sales while expanding your reach online with Shopify. Establish a brick-and-mortar presence for your brand and grow into e-commerce for more visibility and enhanced profits.

Achieve E-Commerce Success with Nimbus and Shopify

Importing Items

When starting your journey, effortlessly transfer all items defined in Nimbus to your online store.

Real-Time Sales Reports

Gain a real-time overview of your stores' sales performance. All e-commerce sales instantly sync with Nimbus, and the other way around.

Ecommerce Store Inventory

Designate specific items as 'online items' in Nimbus, showing only those on your e-commerce store.

Real-Time Product Updates

Any changes to products, attributes, vendors, product types, prices, or others would seamlessly sync with the Shopify store.

Real-Time Stock Syncing

Every new stock in Nimbus for online products results in instant stock updates synchronized with Shopify.

Courier Management

Manage courier service ledgers within Nimbus, keeping a detailed record of all courier companies and payments.