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Candela Retail POS & Inventory Management Features Checklist

Discover Retail POS and Inventory Management Features that can streamline your Retail Business

Centralized Retail Management

Product Variants

User Access Security Managemen

Barcode Enabled Software

Barcode Designer

Nested Barcodes

Multi-Currency Functionality

Communication Module

Product Assembly Creation

Integration with Retail Hardware

Candela is integrated with retail hardware like printers, scanners, customer pole displays, cash drawers, and weighing scales.

Selected hardware devices have seamless integration for efficient retail operations.

Barcode printers are integrated to print different types of barcodes.

Invoice can be printed on retail POS printers or laser printers.

Different Tills can have different hardware configurations.

Invoice Generation and Point of Sales

Touch Screen Facility for POS

Override Log-in Facility

Tax Management & Reporting

Discounts & Promotions Management

Supplier Management Module

Non-Payment & Offline POS Tills

Candela has Non Payment Tills to make bills or delivery chalan.

These Bills when scanned at payment counters are automatically converted to Invoices.

Re-scanning of bills can be blocked

You can configure POS Tills as Off-Line.

Offline tills work independently thus if the server goes down, the POS operations are not affected. The Off-Line Tills are synchronized with the shop server at regular intervals.

Employee Attendance Management

Customer and Supplier Ledgers

Physical Audits and Stock Takes

Manual & Automated Purchase Order Generation

Goods Receipt Note (GRN)

Comprehensive Reports for Business Analysis