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Grocery POS Software

Retail Solution for Grocery & Cash and Carry

Grocery/cash and carry businesses require handling large and varied product mix. Candela grocery store software improves speed leading to efficient checkouts, and also effectively manages both perishable and nonperishable items. Creating discount campaigns and managing frequent offers is extremely easy with Candela. Sometimes items have to be sold as bundles and assemblies, customer invoicing has to be done efficiently to avoid queues in rush hours. Candela handles it all.

Candela has a proven track record of helping Grocery/ cash and carry, gift items, and general items retailers in their growth and increased profitability.

“I always recommend Candela, and also use it in my projects”

Omer Farooq, coo Xtreem Retail, talks about why he prefers Candela retail software for his cash and carry projects. Click to listen

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Retail Features for Grocery / Cash and Carry Stores

Candela retail solution for grocery/cash and carry stores offers the following grocery business specific features:

Manage multi pack products

Manage Inventory Shrinkage

Edibles expiry management

Bulk Edit Product Price

Manage Cost

Record Missed Sales

Create customer Ledgers

Monitor Vendor performance

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