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FBR Integration

Nimbus Point of Sale FBR Integration: How It Works

Knowing the FBR taxation law requiring all local Tier-1 retailers to integrate billing systems with FBR’s invoicing system, Nimbus offers just the solution. With the FBR integration, Nimbus simplifies the entire process, while retailers can ensure adherence to Pakistan’s tax law and continue to grow.


Automated Taxation Process

Nimbus point of sale integration with FBR involves the automatic processing of all sales invoices onto FBR servers. Once Nimbus point of sale is integrated with FBR, retailers would not need to manually prepare tax returns. The entire taxation process becomes automatic and operates in real-time.

Simple Setup Process

Nimbus POS integration with FBR is a simple procedure. Obtain your POS ID and HS codes for your items from the FBR website. Activate FBR integration in Nimbus, enter the POS FBR code plus authentication token, and attach the HS code with your items on the item definition screen.

Management of Different Tax Percentages of Items

Nimbus point of sale FBR integration accommodates items with different tax percentages or even items that are tax-free. The HS codes of various items are linked to each item on the definition screen, facilitating precise tax deductions.

Sales Sync Status Report

Once the Nimbus point of sale is integrated with the FBR, retailers gain the ability to monitor all sales invoices synced with the FBR invoicing system. The C-04 sales sync status report provides details of the synced invoices.

Sales Receipt With Qr Code

Through Nimbus POS FBR integration, sales receipts generate a unique invoice number and QR code. Customers can use the QR code to verify the tax amount deposited with FBR, ensuring transparency and accountability in the taxation process.