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Auto Parts POS Software

Retail Solution Tailored for Auto Parts & Cash and Carry Stores

Keep your Auto Parts POS fast, be in the Good Books of your Customers

Auto Parts and cash and carry businesses handle a diverse range of products. Here is where Candela’s Auto Parts store software enhances checkout efficiency and effectively manages both perishable and non-perishable items. Creating and managing discount campaigns and special offers is effortless with Candela. Additionally, Candela simplifies the sale of bundled items and assemblies, ensuring smooth customer invoicing to prevent queues during peak hours.

With a proven track record of supporting growth and profitability, Candela has been a trusted partner for Auto Parts, cash and carry, gift items, and general merchandise retailers.

Auto Parts Software Features

Candela's retail solution for Auto Parts and cash and carry stores offers specialized features tailored for the industry:

Manage Multi-Pack Products

Easily sell the same products in various pack sizes by creating alternate nested barcodes. The nested barcode feature allows unique barcodes to be assigned to each pack while remaining linked to the main product.

Inventory Shrinkage Management

With the reorder level feature, simplify inventory shrinkage management. The system automatically monitors inventory levels and generates purchase orders accordingly for each product.

Edibles Expiry Management

Record expiry dates for perishable items and fresh foods during stock entry. Expiry dates can also be printed along with barcodes on products. FIFO (First in, First out) basis expiry reports are available for efficient management.

Bulk Edit Product Prices

Supermarkets can easily adjust prices for hundreds of products with a single click using the bulk edit price feature. Price changes for product variants can also be scheduled for future dates.

Cost Management

Easily calculate average cost prices to reflect realistic profit margins during frequent changes in Auto Parts item costs. Candela allows for the creation of new weighted average costs after stock entry.

Record Missed Sales

Plan inventory management strategies effectively by recording missed sales and restocking items in demand. Requests for missed sales can be generated effortlessly once recorded.

Create Customer Ledgers

Community Auto Parts and cash and carry stores can maintain customer ledgers for regular credit customers. Candela automatically tracks all receivables and payables for streamlined management.

Monitor Vendor Performance

Assign vendor codes to each product and order stock accordingly. Monitor vendor performance by reviewing delivery reports within Candela.

Experience the benefits of Candela for yourself and revolutionize your retail operations.