Makreem, IT Company Streamline Your Operations with Our Ultimate Retail Solutions

about us

who we are?

The IT Company That Delivers

As an IT company with over 1000 nationwide clients, Makreem has transformed the way businesses operate through powerfully orchestrated software and digital solutions. Specializing in retail management products and services, Makreem works to save you time and help you stay in control through intuitive and seamless solutions. Through Makreem Technologies and Makreem Digital, you can utilize  a broad set of services to grow your business. Recognized for re-engineering business processes, developing user-friendly, cost-efficient and industry-specific solutions, Makreem’s skillsets are backed by a vast knowledge-base and a keen understanding of what it takes to run and grow a business. Our customer-centric approach ensures that every decision is based on what’s best for our client, helping us build lasting partnerships and expand further to contribute positively to the development of a digital society across the globe.

Our Vision

To Empower You

  • To digitize the retail industry of Pakistan through innovative retail technology solutions and highly developed POS products and services.
  • To be the leaders in shaping a digital community that grows businesses through creative technology solutions.
  • To revolutionize the retail industry worldwide through our pioneering Point-of-Sale (POS) products, software, and services to enhance efficiency, satisfy customers, and promise long-term growth.

Our Mission

To Stand by Your Success

  • We are committed in bringing you the premium technology-based solutions and services so you can run your business efficiently.
  • We devote ourselves to deliver customized technology services and solutions that streamline your business operations.
  • We strive to provide businesses with services that benefits you to achieve operational excellence, drive growth, and always stand tall in the digital era.

Our Values

To Prioritize Your Success

  • Customer First – Putting customers first is the heart of what we do at Makreem, ensuring all solutions and services meet customer expectations.
  • Fostering Partnerships – Building strong partnerships is a fundamental value at Makreem.
  • Building Trust – Trust is the foundation of Makreem’s core values.

Why Us

Your Success is Our Mission

  • Innovative – We are at the forefront of technology, and we adapt to market changes always to meet our client’s
  • Teamwork – We value and encourage the contributions of each person to achieve business objectives.
  • Trust – We have a worldwide portfolio of loyal clients, thanks to the solutions raised to the needs that arise.
  • Experience – Team made up of professionals with many years of experience and skillsets backed by a vast knowledge-base and a keen understanding of what it takes to run and grow a business.