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Footwear POS

Footwear POS, Inventory Software

Candela Helps you Step into your Customer Shoes

Footwear inventory and POS software designed to handle all retail needs of the footwear industry.
Shoe store retailers have to manage a large number of designs in varying categories like dress shoes, sandals, sports shoes, etc. For footwear retailers, there are many other challenges like management of assortments and minimizing inventory stock-out costs, etc. Candela has a proven track record of helping shoe store businesses in their growth and increased profitability of both single location footwear outlets and multi-location shoe chain stores

Footwear Retail Software Features

Candela retail solution for footwear industry offers the following footwear business-specific features:

Footwear SKUs Code

Brand Awareness with SMS

Attribute Tags

PO Format for Footwear

Out of Stock Sizes

Enter Stock in Matrix

Inventory Consolidation

Footwear Discount Coupons

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