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Garment Stores Retail Software

Retail Solutions Carefully Tailored for Boutiques and Garment Stores

Candela retail POS and inventory software designed specifically for fashion boutiques and clothing retailers us trusted by both single-location boutiques and multi-location chain stores. Candela offers specialized features to support growth and success in the apparel industry.

Boutiques &Garment Stores Retail

Candela's clothing-retail solution provides a range of tailored features to meet the specific needs of boutiques and garment stores:

Single Code for All SKUs

Simplify SKU management by generating unique codes that incorporate size and color information, eliminating the need for separate codes for each variation.

Categorize for Detailed Reports

Enhance product categorization with attribute tagging and generate detailed reports based on specific product attributes such as fabric type.

PO in Size and Color Matrix

Easily create purchase orders based on size and color variations using a grid-based matrix format, streamlining ordering processes.

GRN in Size and Color Matrix

Effortlessly record incoming stock quantities for various sizes and colors through a user-friendly grid interface, with options to update prices during stock entry.

GRN in Size and Color Matrix

Customer Orders and Layaways

Manage advance bookings, layaways, and alterations efficiently, with comprehensive reporting on payment details, delivery dates, and balances due.

Cut Size Report

Gain insights into out-of-stock sizes for specific products or attributes, enabling proactive inventory management and replenishment strategies.

SMS Marketing

Raise brand awareness and promote sales with SMS marketing capabilities, allowing for targeted messaging to both regular and walk-in customers.

Stock Consolidation

Consolidate inventory across multiple locations based on size and color requirements, optimizing stock availability while minimizing excess inventory.

Discount Coupons

Generate and manage discount coupons with ease, offering customers incentives for purchases and driving sales.

Business Analytics

Reporting tools to analyze purchase and sales history by color, size, or design, helping retailers make informed decisions and develop effective promotional strategies.