Our Story

Our Story

Our story

About the Makreem

Our company history is rooted in our family legacy of entrepreneurship, service, and innovation. We are continuing the legacy of our late grandfather, Munshi Abdul Kareem was a cobbler who rose from poverty to become a successful contractor in his native town. He taught us the value of hard work, creativity, and perseverance. Our father, Abdul Rehman, exemplifies our family’s commitment to service. He lost his father at age 4 in 1956 and dedicated 37 years of his life (1975-2012) to serving the Government of Pakistan (GOP) and continues to contribute through a home-based micro-enterprise. He inspired us with his principles-based humble life. Our fathers’ stories and principles-based life have made lasting impressions on our lifestyles. Inspired by our fathers, we, the third generation, aspire to serve, support, and positively contribute to society. Our venture is based on the same principles, core values and a dedication to excellence, we strive to provide the best services to our clients. We associate our initiative with our beloved grandfather – MAKREEM. We started our entrepreneurial journey in 2004 and after two decades we are transforming as a Private Limited Company to better serve our clients. In the last decade, we have learned from our experiences, and considering the ever-changing market dynamics, we are here to serve our clients. This is the beginning of a new era for us, but we are not stepping into a new world, we have 10 years of industry experience. We started our entrepreneurial journey in 2004 as a small local business. Over the years, we have expanded our services to include software and digital services, and management services for the retail industry. We also partnered with LumenSoft Technologies, one of the leading retail software providers in Pakistan. This is the beginning of a new era for us, but we are not stepping into a new world. We have 20 years of industry experience that we leverage to deliver innovative solutions that meet the needs of today’s retail businesses.

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