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our story

Our Story

Our journey traces back to the inspiring legacy of our late grandfather, Munshi Abdul Kareem.

Starting off as a humble cobbler, his perseverance and commitment to hard work led him in becoming a successful contractor. This inherited perseverance was proven by our father, Abdul Rehman as he dedicated 37 years to the Government of Pakistan and continued his contributions through establishing a home-based microenterprise.

This ancestral perseverance, their teachings on hard work, commitment, entrepreneurship, and innovation echoes generationally, giving life to Makreem.

The third generation lives by the face of Makreem to serve and positively contribute to the society with the same spirits of our forefathers.

In the heart of our journey is a story that harmonizes with commitment and perseverance. It started in January 2004 with Ubaid Computers, a retail outlet offering IT hardware and services. We worked hard in the industry, serving clients, and always hoping in marking a step towards providing innovative IT solutions.

As the years unfolded, we worked upon projects, committing ourselves to excellence.

In July 2009, we started IT solutions with IRIS Management for Excellence. In the same year, we partnered with LumenSoft Technologies which still stands as a testament to our dedication.

Along with expanding our software and digital services, we committed ourselves to providing software solutions that are operating today as efficiently as they did on the first day. Notable services provided in the years that followed were the installation of Candela RMS in 2009 at the New Nomani Medical Store in Attock, at Shams in Islamabad in 2010, and a Property Management System at Al Haram City, Rawalpindi in 2011 helping them maintain clients, plots, and all relevant information effortlessly. 

On the 1st of July 2020, the establishment and registration of Makreem Technologies as a Private Limited Company signaled the transformative chapter in our timeline, rooted in our family legacy of perseverance and commitment.

Fifteen years of success stories echo in the hearts of those we've served, living and thriving with the services we’ve provided. Our narrative isn't just about software; it's about the lives and businesses we touch, a testament to the enduring connection between our clients and our journey, named in honor of our beloved grandfather – MAKREEM.