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Candela is All Dressed up for Garments Retail

Candela retail POS and inventory software for fashion boutiques & clothing caters to the specific needs of the apparel/garment industry. Candela has a proven track record of helping apparel retailers of both single location and multi-location chain stores in their growth.

Its special features help you manage assortments, replenish cut sizes, keep track of sizes and colors of each item, analyze trend reports to know which products / category is doing better than the other, manage customer loyalty club, and much more.

Boutiques &Garment Stores Retail

Inventory and retail management software for fashion boutiques and garment stores require specialized features. Candela offers the following clothing-retail specific features

Single code for all SKUs

Categorize for detailed reports

PO in size and Color Matrix

GRN in Size and Color Matrix

Customer Orders and Layaways

Cut size Report

SMS Marketing

Stock Consolidation

Discount coupons

Business Analytics

Run your Garments Store in Style